11.01.2010 Обращение Й. Блюминга.

Season greetings 2009 -2010




Dear members of the I.B.K,

Again is a year completed and I am very happy with the results as far as the strength goes of the I.B.K.
We lost very few Dojos and those we did lose where nor really with their KOKORO in the I.B.K but used the now famous name.
We did however got many new members and I hope that they are happy in the family and work for that.
I thank those who really did a lot for the I.B.K and I mention a few like Eric Vaerenbergh 7th Dan of Belgium who besides having had a mayor back operation still worked like hell for the I.B.K, thanks a lot for your KOKORO Shihan.

Also Henrik Pap of Hungary and Thomasz Oljelnick of Poland. And even because of his hectic past two years and getting on the white horse again, he still worked like a real KANCHO for our I.B.K Henk Kuipers 8th Dan. We owe him a lot.

In the new year we have to be more strict about the commitment for many love their names on the website with the dojo but do not pay the dojo fee and especial do NOT make their dojo members member on the I.B.K which is only one time payment of 20 euro or for the poor countries 10 euro for a lifetime membership in the I.B.K.
If they keep up this attitude in 2010 again those Dojos will get a warning first and later an e mail to look for another organisation who will permit that behaviour.

Please understand that running a big organisation like the I.B.K we cannot do without the commitment you agreed on. In 2010 we will have out 30 year anniversary.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a healthy and very happy new year, also for your families.


Osu Kaicho Jon Bluming, I.B.K.


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