08.09.2011 The 3rd IBK world cup wil be held 11th of March in 2012

IBK World Cup – 11 th March 2012
Category 1
Fighting Style: Full Contact Knock Down Karate
Age: 18 + men
Weight divisions: - 75, - 85, +85

Category 2
Fighting Style: Full Contact Knock Down Karate
Age: 18 + Women
Weight divisions: - 75, + 75

Category 3
Fighting Style: Full Contact Knockdown Karate
Experienced Fighter Only
Age: 18+ men
Weight: Open Weight
1st    1000
3rd  €250

Category 4
­­Fighting Style: Full Contact All-Round
Age: 18+ men
Weight divisions: - 75, - 85, +85

Category 5
Fighting Style: Semi Contact
Age: 16 - 20 men No experienced fighters
Grade: Open
Weight divisions: - Open­­­
IBK Full Contact Kyokushin Rules

Weight Divisions:
Men 18+: - 75kg, - 85kg, +85kg

Women 18+: - 75kg, +75kg

IBK Open Weight Knockdown Rules
(ONLY experienced fighters may enter)
Men 18+:
No weight divisions. If no decision at end of fight the lightest by 10 kg or more will be declared the winner

IBK All-Round Rules
Weight Divisions:
Men 18+: - 75kg, - 85kg, +85kg
Basic Rules: Stand up to Kyokushin Knockdown rules with grabbing allowed for 10 seconds (after which you must throw or let go).
Ground no strikes or kicks holding for 30 seconds.

IBK Semi Contact Rules
(This category is aimed to develop our young up-coming fighters so no experienced fighters to enter).
Men 16 – 20:
Open weight. No KO to head. No full contact low kicks. Head kicks can score wazari, 2 wazari scored means a win. Well placed punches to the body that are controlled but drop the opponent can score ippon.

To all Daishihans


Osu sign in your fighter before 25th of February 2012


As you are aware we are holding the  3rd IBK World Cup here in Holland on March 11th.

You will find attached the basic plan for the event, the full rules will be explained when needed.
You will also notice that we are holding an open weight category (with prize money) plus a semi-contact category aimed to give our young up and coming fighters experience

There will be financial help for all countries coming from outside of Holland
something like last year but I will first wait for your comments.

A single payment of the following amounts will be paid to each Daishihan as travelling expenses to help his team to come to the World Cup.

We will need AT LEAST 1 referee from each country plus judges please.

Can you please forward this to your own Dojo's in the countries that you are responsible for and ensure that all have read it.

I look forward to your help and support and comments.

Kancho Henk Kuipers
IBK Chairman 9th Dan  

Hanshi Bernard Creton
IBK Vice Chairman 9th Dan





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